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A Complete Credit SolutionFor Your Ecosystem

Built for you and powered by Oriente. We allow you to reach millions of consumers who want to transact in their preferred methods, both offline and online.


Basic option with adjustable feesand repayment terms

Pre-approved credit limit

More flexibility for a better,frictionless customer experience

Buy now pay later

Simple digital-credit installmentoption with adjustable fees and terms

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Technology solutions designedto boost your business

Our purpose-built toolkit offers a full-stack infrastructure or modularized architecture for you to harness every opportunity.

We create inclusive financial products designed to fuel growth for partners

Our intelligent credit engine powers real-time customer underwriting for partners

We license our smart scoring models for partners to harness new opportunities

Our analytics tools for merchants provide powerful data-driven business insights

Our data empowers merchants to lookalike segment for target marketing

Integrate with Oriente to optimizeyour business operations

Our range of online and offline solutions and services are designed to work for you, allowing you to streamline your business and focus on what matters most.

Focus on building your business,let Oriente handle the rest.

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Fuel your growth with powerfulreal-time insights

Grow your business with intelligent data-driven insights via a secure dashboard built for you.

Powering growth and creating value for our partners

Our partners across Southeast Asia trust Oriente to fuel their success

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