Wide-spread technology adoption in the Philippines has triggered an influx of fintech investment. Here, investors with varying appetites for risk and return are finding their new purpose. With Cashalo, our digital credit platform, we are leading the acceleration of financial inclusion for many in the country.


Our co-founder, Geoffrey Prentice, recently attended The Euromoney Philippines Investment Forum in Manila to discuss the latest developments in Southeast Asian capital markets and share more on Cashalo’s role in creating a financially inclusive future for all Filipinos. These are the highlights.




The Philippines has witnessed a recent wave of investment thanks to its government’s active role in creating a favourable regulatory environment for authorities, fintech companies and investors to work together. With financial inclusion high on their agenda, this newly created ecosystem enables people and businesses access to more responsible credit to manage their daily lives and plan for their futures. Around 16 million Filipinos are unbanked but now, given the rise of mobile technology, these individuals have online access to digital platforms that offer new experiences of financial flexibility, and economic growth.


We developed our app, Cashalo, on the ground in the Philippines working with partners to deliver a digital financial solution that is fit for purpose. With its proprietary credit-scoring technology, Filipinos are now able to receive digital credit at the lowest possible rate, whether or not they have a bank account. Launched in 2018, Cashalo currently empowers over 2 million users pay for household items, school fees and manage savings and expenses more easily – taking control of their financial future.


To manage the default risk of our users, Cashalo focuses on continuous evaluation of the user’s online and offline behaviour. We know, however, that we can do so much more. Currently, only one in four Filipinos are estimated to be financially literate enough to evaluate their borrowing options.


We are addressing this issue at its core by scaling our recently launched nationwide financial literacy programme Cash Academy designed to help buuld a generation that is more financially aware, capable, and responsible. The programe is comprised of both offline and online training and learning modules crafted to educate the community about the basics of responsible financial habits. Oriente is not just developing the technology to fix the problem of affordable, honest, and reliable credit in the Philippines with Cashalo, but building a new ecosystem to provide meaningful financial access for its unbanked and underserved communities that encourages positive socio-economic transformation.


We believe that with better knowledge on managing personal finances, previously ‘credit-invisible’ individuals will be able to make smarter decisions when it comes to building their financial future, responsibly. Cashalo is just one part of Oriente’s broader strategy to leverage data and technology, as well as education, to put more people in control of their financial lives and build a better, more equitable financial system, throughout Southeast Asia.