It’s time to create conditions to empower women with fintech

Historically, women in emerging economies have been at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing financial services. Barriers to access typically include the absence of banks in rural areas, the duty of caring for family and other work responsibilities or a lack of the appropriate documentation required to become part of the financial fabric of society.

Finmas secures business icense as Fintech Lending Platform from Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Earlier today we were thrilled to announce that FINMAS, our fintech venture in Indonesia, has officially obtained a business license as a fintech lending platform from Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) dated 30 September 2019. This makes Finmas one of only thirteen companies fully licensed to operate in Indonesia.

The Philippines welcomes a new fintech investment wave

Our co-founder, Geoffrey Prentice, recently attended The Euromoney Philippines Investment Forum in Manila to discuss the latest developments in Southeast Asian capital markets and share more on Cashalo’s role in creating a financially inclusive future for all Filipinos.

A panacea for the unbanked in Southeast Asia

Across South-east Asia, governments, organisations and banks are increasingly trying to bring the unbanked into the global economy. It stands to benefit both people and businesses alike. Embracing smart tech will go far in boosting financial inclusion in emerging Asia's fastest growing economies

Introducing Finmas, our app to accelerate financial inclusion for every Indonesian

On 14 February, Oriente officially launched Finmas our fintech venture and mobile-app in Indonesia designed to unlock financial access, freedom and opportunity for the country's vast underserved and underbanked population.

Technology’s Role in Financial Inclusion: Hype or Hope?

More than a third of the world’s adult population, or some 1.7 billion people, have little or no access to formal financial services.